A traditional German cake containing dried fruit and marzipan, popular to eat at Christmas time. This hugely popular 800g cake which is baked by our artisan, vegan Arapina recipe, will delight all your guests in all your Xmas festivities!

Available dates: 15/11 – 24/12, stock levels vary upon availability, please call us to pre-order

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Good to Know Fact

Stollen is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with icing sugar. It is a traditional German bread eaten during the Christmas season, but wasn't always baked the same way.

The original Stollen was baked with oil, due to the seasonal restrictions around fasting and was a fairly tasteless bread. It was only in the 1490 that butter was permitted in the making of Stollen, by paying an annual tax in support of the building of the Freiberg Minster. in 2018 Arapina, made history again (!) by removing butter again and taking the original recipe, re-inventing it and adding a lot of flavour to the original bread! What a success and a scandal at the same time!