spinach, feta & pine nuts quiche


Tastes as good as it looks, balancing layers of our signature filo pastry with a deep layer of incredible spinach & feta filling. Slowly cooked fresh spinach with onions, garlic & leeks, all beautifully seasoned with a thick chunks of feta spread all over. Topped with good amounts of pine nuts for that extra crunch. An 11inch deep- filled quiche, and a firm bestseller out of our quiche range! Can be eaten warmed up or cold – either way you’ll want another slice!


Free from gluten & wheat

Nutritional Information
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Allergens: contains eggs, milk and gluten

Good to Know Fact

Coeliac disease is a serious illness where your body's immune system reacts to gluten found in food, making the body attack itself. It is thought one in a hundred people in the UK has coeliac disease, with an average time to diagnosis of 13 years. Typical sources of gluten include breads, pastas, flours, cereals, cakes and biscuits.